Press & Testimonials




Some of the comments by SEAS’s visitors about the exhibition “Photography as Social Practice” – Brighton Photography Fringe 2016

Anna Andreiu: “the exhibition is very powerful and moving. It has a very important message”

Gemma-Rose Turnbull: “the exhibition has some interesting methodologic approaches to socially engaged work”

Shi-Yin Ong: “Pictures have new definitions in different spaces. We had good conversation with Gil in this cosy living room – gallery space”

Judy Granville: “Amazing exhibition”

Russell Honeyman: “great show – it reminds us of our humanity”

Alice Mutasa: “Photography as social practice is an excellent exhibition – love to see more”

Holly Bean: “fantastic space. I really enjoyed the inspiring work and speaking with Gil”

Patricia Osdiasda: “great and important work enabling  oppressed voices to claim their space”

Caroline Oreilly: “Fascinating exhibition. I thank you so much”

Mazhar Shah: “it is such inspiring work and it really moved me”

Ragi Maj: “it was wonderful to hear about the works from the artists themselves”

Humeria Yaqub: “well done, guys! Fantastic exhibition. Keep it up!”


Some of the comments by SEAS’s visitors about the exhibition “Displacement – on refugees, homelessness & Palestine” – Artists’ Open House 2016 

Alia Pugh “a unique addition to Artists Open Houses”

Maya King “Thought provoking exhibition”

Sarah Dibb-Fuller “very impressive and interesting”

Lester “very brave pieces”

Paula “Love the commitment and engagement”

Jacky Hollands “powerful and interesting, very moving for us as a foster carers for a young refugee”

Anne Thompson “Really inspiring”

Morris Lab “great exhibition, well done”

Martin & Clara “great time, great conversation and we are back again for sure, keep fighting”

Caroline O’reilly “very informative exhibition”

Tom & May “very thought provoking and refreshing issues represented”

Rita Huth “good to see relevant art about real stuff”

Katie Higginbottom “very thought provoking, it is a relief to see representation of politics in art!”

Angela Edwards “very interesting work, love Gil Mualem Doron’s  New Union Flag project and Bern O’donoghue’s Boats installation”

Cathie Oileu “really important work and message”