Homecoming / Estabrak

‘Homecoming’ by Estabrak is a self-directed multi-layered participatory project using community engagement, film, sound and paint for cross-cultural exchanges around identity, home and displacement. Developed in multiple locations including London, Marlow, Hull and Brighton, Homecoming intends to help push the boundaries of participatory practice by presenting artwork/s influenced by the exchange between low-engaged, under-represented, vulnerable and ethnic minority groups (of which Estabrak belongs to) and the general public.

During February 2020 Estabrak conducted workshops at SEAS as part of the development of the project. The workshops were intended as both emotive and artistic response to the rise in recent anti-migrant/other rhetoric through creating a participatory process exploring displacement and othering. Questioning ‘What does home mean & what would it feel like to never be able to access ours again?’

“As someone of refugee background, with both dyslexia and an auto immune disorder, I wanted to examine how these othered realities can also relate to one and other and the idea of identity & home.” Estabrak 2019

Homecoming; Workshops. Multi – Sensory 1/2 day Socially Engaged workshops for Adults inviting experimentation, verbal & non verbal exchange and feedback.
Homecoming; Workshops. Using non sight related tools to engage and test conditioned methods of visual storytelling.

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